Allegation of commissioning and first verification request

The owner of the lifting system is obliged, at the time of installation, to " report the commissioning " of the system and proceed accordingly to the " first verification request".
From January 2019 this procedure is only possible via the INAIL platform.
If more than 45 days have passed since the submission of this request without having received any information from INAIL, the first verification will be carried out by an authorized body (indicated and identified on the platform during the request procedure).
During these 45 days INAIL could decide to directly appoint the authorized body indicated and then delegate it to perform the verification, at which point the 45 days become a deadline within which to carry out the verification.
In some cases INAIL decides to carry out the verification directly, therefore making contact with the owner to fix the exam appointment.
The date of this first exam will schedule subsequent periodic checks.