Normative References

Devices put into service before the machine directive:
The appliance must be tested in accordance with the Ministerial Decree 12/09/59 (ISPESL test booklet).
The appliance must be in compliance with the articles of Presidential Decree 547/55 and in particular:
Art. 171 The lifting apparatus must have an indication of the maximum capacity
admissible on the structure - on the arm - on the hook;
Art. 172 The appliance hook must be equipped with a closing device at the entrance;
Art. 173 The appliance must be equipped with a suitable braking device;
Art. 174 The appliance must be equipped with a suitable automatic stop device e
gradual in case of sudden lack of driving force;
Art. 175 The appliance must be equipped with an acoustic signaling device and
Art. 176 The lifting winch must be equipped with a device to prevent it
unwinding of the rope / chain beyond the limit position;
Art. 177 The appliance must be equipped with a device to prevent irregularities
winding of the rope and / or chains in its seat;
Art. 178 The ratio between the diameter of the metal ropes / elementary wires and that of the
return drum / pulley must comply with the values ​​of the Law;
Art. 179 The ropes / chains of the appliance must respect the value of the coefficient of
safety in relation to maximum allowable effort and range;
Art. 180 The connections of the ends of the lifting equipment ropes must be
made in such a way as to avoid dangerous stresses and / or the melting of the strands;
Art. 182 The access to the maneuvering point must be easy and safe, the area of ​​action of the vehicle must be perfectly visible from the maneuvering point;
Art. 183 The command organs must be:
- arranged in such a way as to be easily operated
- shaped to prevent accidental start-up;
Art. 185 A placard must be displayed in the work area of ​​the lifting vehicle
instructional notices for use and maneuvers are clearly legible;
Art. 188 The bridge heads must be barred in order to prevent access to the runways
of the bridge wagon if they are impassable;
Art. 189 The stability of the lifting apparatus structure must be ensured with
adequate means;

Appliances put into service after the entry into force of the Machinery Directive 89 / 392CE must have:
Booklet or verbal of first verification issued by ISPESL or INAIL;
Declaration of conformity of the manufacturer;
Manufacturer's use and maintenance manual;
Register of the updated control;

For all the means:
Minutes of periodic checks performed by the ATS or by a qualified subject;
Register of quarterly checks of ropes or chains;
Results of checks performed by a competent person (Article 71 paragraph 8 of Legislative Decree 81/08);

For vehicles with more than 20 years from the date of manufacture, document to identify any defects
or anomalies, produced during the life of use, as well as establishing the residual life in which the vehicle can
operate in safety conditions (par.2.3.3 annex II DM 11/04/2011).