Allegation of commissioning and first verification request

The owner of the lifting system has the obligation, at the time of installation, to " denounce the commissioning " of the plant itself. This practice requires the detailed compilation of a specific form to be forwarded to the INAIL of competence, attached also the CE certificate of the crane (issued by the manufacturer) and declaration of correct installation (issued by the installer).
At the commissioning declaration INAIL responds with the assignment of a number of freshman who will accompany the crane throughout his life.
As soon as the registration number has been obtained, the first verification request must be sent, indicating the location of the plant to be checked, if more than 45 days are passed from the request without having received information from INAIL, performs the first verification by a qualified body (previously indicated in the request procedure).
During these 45 days the INAIL could decide to directly assign the indicated competent body and then delegate it to perform the verification, at which point the 45 days become a period within which to perform the verification.
In some cases the INAIL decides to provide for the verification directly, thus making contact with the owner to fix the examination appointment.
The date of this first exam will evaluate the subsequent periodic checks.