Custom Equipment

Custom Equipment

Ramps, beamed coil doors and hot coil doors



This installation is particularly indicated for those who carry out the transport of other vehicles or equipment on wheels. The ramps are created with a hydraulic command for the automatic opening and closure. A support comes down automatically to assure the best support.

Beamed coil doors

This foresees the positioning of 3 coil cleft doors. This structure joined to lateral posts that are positioned inside to the compartment once the coils are charged, allowing safe transport of the goods avoiding the load from moving.

Hot coil doors

This special version of coil transport allows you to load directly from the production line, taking advantage of the capacity of the containment of heat released by the load and the techniques of stability of the same load.

Fixed platform with ramp

Iron platform with pulley between the posterior metal strut, complete with remote control for easy
accompaniment of transport by an upward ramp.

Load area with a hydraulic arm

A hydraulic arm weightlifter installed on the fixed load area in retro position of the cabin to facilitate the loading and unloading of equipment.

Covering of the truck with lateral doors

The covering of the truck in Aluminium with lateral doors which allows the complete opening of the sidearms of the truck for maximum accessibility of the load.

Covering of the truck extendable three ways with beams

The covering of the truck with sides in alumnium completely extendable in three ways and finished upto the roof with beams.