Outfitting of trucks

Outfitting of trucks

Fittings dump trucks, fittings of trucks with crane and load area, fittings of trucks with crane and  dump trucks.


Truck installations with crane and fixed body

Our mechanical workshop as well as customize your box to make room for the crane either this rear cab or back box, offers technical assistance on cranes and all the equipment, we recover the body and lifting systems dismantling to adapt and reassemble them on the new truck .

The Fitting of trucks with crane and dump trucks

We create, transform and install posterior tipping load areas, bilateral or trilateral with attaching crane. Every vehicle is studied and adapted together with the client to transform the best working instrument.

Fittings dump trucks

We build and repair rear overturnable load area bilateral and trilateral, using different techniques and materials meeting your requirements. Every solution is studied and evaluated together because it is your fitting that gives you your best work companion.